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Welcome to my diabetes blog!

Due to the history of diabetes in my family, I always worried about this one little monster!
I had seen my grand mother, and my dad maintain this monster with ease and not worried about too much! But in the recent months and weeks my Granny’s blood glucose fluctuation of very high between 200-600 at a peak day! She was 80+ years old and strong! She had Type 1 – diagnosed in her late 5o’s!
Later I realized several of my relatives have Type 2!  An to my surprise one my Aunts is a doctor and she was specialize in diabetics!
That scared me enough! So I started my research on how to keep the diabetes away and stay healthy! Then I thought if I am finding some information and if it is working for me then why don’t I share.
Whatever I find that sounds helpful and interesting, I will share the tips, tricks, recipes, tools and products that helps!

Why another blog on diabetes?

There is a lot of general information available. But for me everything is not applicable. I am an IT guys, who works late night (@ 12:04 AM I am writing this blog) – get a bit less sleep than normal human – undergo lot of stress most of the days.  Apart from that I have couple of businesses to run. I have several blogs that I regularly update (well at least once in a week)  and I participate IT communities answering question and soling problems etc.
So all in all a little stressful life! Hence my situation is unique and the general information does not work for me “as is”. I am sure there are people like me who are in similar situation will not find time to research!
Hence this blog for those how needs this information – my 2 cents for the sack of humanity!

Disclaimer: I am not a health case expert so an advice here only shows my experience with it. That may not achieve the same result for you. So please take any information on this site with a pinch of salt.  Please consult your doctor for any advice. Mostly I will provide general information, as I have access to several diabetic patients, I love to collect their issues and experiences, what works and what doesn’t. As each one of use are unique – we might not have achieve the same result.

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